Looking stylish at workplace can boost your confidence

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When you dress while going to the office, you want to project a formal as well as stylish look. This also helps you get a good job or promotion that you have been waiting for. At work you need to be presentable and your looks actually matter a lot. Dressing up for office doesn’t mean you need to follow a fashion trend or build your unique style.

The fit of your office attire and selection of colours will determine your abilities. Let us look at some tips that you can follow to dress up right for the office.


Trousers should be fitted and free of panty lines that are visible. Skirts should be of straight styles like pencil skirts. They should be comfortable enough for you especially when you sit down and not tight. Clothes need to be perfect fit so find out the right size before you dress.

You can choose career colours like navy, black, grey and black and make sure you do not use red especially in sales as it represents aggressiveness.  Most of these colours also go well with skirts, shoes, trousers and you can also mix black with lighter colours like pink, stone, light blue and lilac.

Make sure you do not use some loud colours for example bright pink or wild prints as they are quite risky to mix with other colours.

When it comes to jewellery, the one that jangles should be avoided. Choose to wear minimal jewellery, nice watch, single bracelets and stud earrings.

Slouchy bags should be avoided as they look sloppy and unprofessional. Instead use structured styles that look organized and professional.  All you need to project is efficiency and cleanliness.

If your job profile involves customer care, you should wear formal dresses wherein you can mix a blouse with pants that look smart and then you can put on a jacket over your blouse. Also, you can wear knee length skirts at workplace which are comfortable.

It is always better to dress as per the workplace setting. Well, the choice of colours becomes limited when it comes to office wear. The colour palate seems boring and dull at first. Business suits normally come in tan, grey, black, brown and navy blue. Shirts come in lighter shades like off-white, white and other lighter shades of different colours. You can simply add a scarf to your office wear to make it less boring and bit stylish. Women can use business suit with blazer, skirt, blouse and pants are also part of office outfit. You can choose shirts with long sleeves as they look completely formal. You can use short sleeves in summers or spring.

Choose office outfit that is longer or knee-length with a solid colour or subtle print. You can make the office wear more formal by adding a good blazer or business suit.  As far as the footwear goes, women can wear low heels or moderate shoes. Make sure you do not go for gaudy colours in footwear as you have to make it formal.


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